Blockchain is NOT the same thing as “Bitcoin.”

30 May

Blockchain is NOT the same thing as the “Bitcoin.” Bitcoin was the first blockchain system designed, but there have been many others since then which are very different – they were designed by different people, often for different purposes. The ones moving into the business world today are NOT systems for electronic money. They are “ledger” systems that are used to replace existing methods, almost none of which are electronic money.

Examples of such blockchain systems are Hyperledger (which has several different schemes, the most famous being Hyperledger Fabric), Ethereum, R3 Corda, and some others. They were NOT designed by highly capable groups of people who are in the business of creating things for use by corporations to operate their businesses. 

Several of these are in open-source projects, where they are being developed jointly by many people, and are subject to study and analysis by all of them. There is work in early stages to define regional and international standards that will determine some requirements for the blockchains.

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